About Us

Thank you for taking a moment to explore about us. You may contact us here: electronics.project.hub.com@gmail.com (Only for advertising and business purposes. Reader’s technical queries won’t be answered here). Search engine optimization (SEO) related emails will be auto deleted.

About me:

My nick name is blogthor, I am the founder of this website Electronics Project Hub (since September 2016) . I am a graduate in field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and I am a professional engineer in the field of Embedded System.

I have specialized skills in Embedded Systems which deals with microcontrollers like PIC, AVR, Arduino, single board computer like raspberry pi and IoT boards like ESP8266, ESP32 and NodeMCU and I have good programming skills in C++ and python to make them function.

My passion towards electronics started when I was 9 years old when I got a chance to dismantle a CRT TV and started to explore electronics since then. I initially started to master my skills in discrete electronics and various sectors like timer, logic ICs, op-amps, amplifiers and power electronics.

After gaining reasonable knowledge in those fields I decided to taste the field of embedded systems. The microcontrollers gave me the power to add a brain to electronics projects which accomplished tasks that discrete electronics could not, all I need to do is speak the language of computer (C++, Python etc) to all these microcontrollers mentioned, since then Embedded Systems is one of my favorite field in electronics and I made Embedded system as my professional carrier choice.

What this website is all about?

This website is about sharing knowledge and project ideas in the field of electronics and electrical to: Engineering students, hobby electronics enthusiasts, DIY-ers who loves to make and fix electrical and electronics gadgets and even professionals who wish to upgrade their professional skills.

I take suggestions from readers to build projects and I also give suggestions and tips to readers who wish to replicate and debug. I take all the queries from comment section and answer them promptly, I usually answer them with in a day.

I publish projects that I personally tested and found satisfaction. I also publish untested project ideas, only if the ideas are technically feasible and only when I have minimal doubts and maximum confidence, after gaining expertise for several years you may not need to test simple project stages or some well known complex stages / parts of a project.

For legal reasons you can read our disclaimer.

What my nick name blogthor mean?

Well, I coined the word “blogthor”. Author is one who write books (in general), blogthor is the one who write blogs.